A Multitude Comes From The East

A Multitude Comes From The East And The West
To Sit At The Feast Of Salvation
With Abraham, Isaac, And Jacob, The Blest,
Obeying The Lord’s Invitation.

O God, Let Us Hear When Our Shepherd Shall Call
In Accents Persuasive And Tender,
That While There Is Time We Make Haste, One And All,
And Find Him, Our Mighty Defender.

All Trails Shall Be Like A Dream That Is Past,
Forgotten All Trouble And Mourning.
All Questions And Doubts Have Been Answered At Last,
When Rises The Light Of That Morning.

The Heavens Shall Ring With An Anthem More Grand
Than Ever On Earth Was Recorded;
The Blest Of The Lord Shall Receive At His Hand
The Crown To The Victors Awarded.



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