Ask Not To Be Excused

Ask not to be excused,
There’s earnest work to do;
Stand ready to be used,
Where God may station you.
His invitation kind,
To thee has oft been giv’n;
Accept, and thou shalt find,
‘Tis sweet to work for Heavev’n.

Come, O come! (today) Ask not to be excused;
Come, O come! (today)
Stand ready to be used.
Ask not to be excused,
The answer may be giv’n;
Thou hast my love abused,
Thou art excused from heav’n

Ask not to be excused,
The Master calls today;
Too long hast thou refused,
Now hasten to obey.
The harvest fields are white,
The laborers are few;
Let thy delight,
The Master’s work to do.

Ask not to be excused,
There’s danger in delay;
That wondrous love abused,
Forever turns away.
While Mercy gently pleads,
And points the way to heav’n,
While Jesus intercedes,
O come and be forgiv’n!



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