Break every barrier down,
Thou Lamb of Calvary;
Show me the awfullness of sin,
The thing which grieveth Thee:
Purge Thou my soul from dross,
Cleanse me from every sin,
Wash me in Thine atoning blood,
And make me pure within.

Break every barrier down
Till Christ be formed in me;
Till of the travail of Thy soul
Thou, satisfied, shalt see:
May earth’s success seem nought,
May self be lost to sight,
Reproach for Thee be counted joy
And weakness turn to might.

Break every barrier down,
Thou risen Son of God;
Take Thou possession of my heart,
I crown Thee now as Lord!
O for a closer walk,
A greater love for Thee,
A fuller knowledge of Thyself,
A life of victory.

Break every barrier down
And reign triumphant, Lord;
May every breathing of my heart
With Thine be in accord:
Grant me to enter in
The secret place with Thee,
To walk with Thee, as Enoch walked,
Into eternity.



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