Christ Whose Glory Fills The Skies

Christ, Whose Glory Fills The Skies,
Christ, The True, The Only Light,
Sun Of Righteousness, Arise,
Triumph Over The Shades Of Night.
Day-Spring From On High, Be Near;
Day-Star, In My Heart Appear.

Dark And Cheerless Is The Morn
Unaccompanied By Thee;
Joyless Is The Day’s Return
Till Thy Mercy’s Beams I See,
Till They Inward Light Impart,
Glad My Eyes And Warm My Heart.

Visit Then This Soul Of Mine,
Pierce The Gloom Of Sin And Grief;
Fill Me, Radiance Divine,
Scatter All My Unbelief;
More And More Thyself Display,
Shining To The Perfect Day.



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