Come O Spirit Dwell Among Us

Come, O Spirit, Dwell Among Us,
Come With Pentecostal Power;
Give The Church A Stronger Vision,
Help Us Face Each Crucial Hour.
Built Upon A Firm Foundation,
Jesus Christ, The Cornerstone,
Still The Church Is Called To Mission
That God’s Love Shall Be Made Known.

We Would Raise Our Hallelujahs
For The Grace Of Yesteryears;
For Tomorrow’s Unknown Pathway,
Hear, O God, Our Humble Prayers.
In The Church’s Pilgrim Journey
You Have Led Us All The Way,
Still In Presence Move Before Us,
Fire By Night And Cloud By Day.

Come, O Spirit, Dwell Among Us;
Give Us Words Of Fire And Flame.
Help Our Feeble Lips To Praise You,
Glorify Your Holy Name.
God, All Holy, Son And Spirit,
Three In One: What Mystery!
We Would Sing Our Loud Hosannas
Now And Through Eternity.



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