Crown With Your Richest Crowns

Crown With Your Richest Crowns
The Lamb Upon The Throne;
Hark! How The Heavenly Anthem Drowns
All Music But Its Own.
Awake, My Soul, And Sing
Of Christ Who Died For You,
And To Your Risen Savior Bring
Your Thanks For Life Made New.

Crown Christ Whose Love Has Flowed
Down Hands And Feet And Side.
Look Past The Peak Of Calvary’s Road
To Christ The Glorified.
The Sun That Lights The Sky
Is Pale Before That Sight.
At Prayer We Glimpse Then Turn The Eye
From Mysteries So Bright.

Crown Christ The Truth, The Life
Who Triumphed Over The Grave,
And Rose Victorious In The Strife,
This Fallen World To Save.
Christ’s Glories Now We Sing,
Christ’s Name We Magnify,
Who Died Eternal Life To Bring,
And Lives That Death May Die.

Crown Christ Who Rules In Peace,
Whose Power A Scepter Sways
From Pole To Pole, That Wars May Cease,
And All Be Prayer And Praise:
Christ’s Reign Shall Have No End,
For Around Those Wounded Feet
A Fragrant Garden Shall Extend
Forever Green And Sweet.

A Crown Christ Who Holds The Years,
Embracing Space And Time,
Creator Of The Rolling Spheres,
Ineffably Sublime:
All Hail, Redeemer, Hail!
For You Have Died For Me;
Your Praise Shall Never, Never Fail
Throughout Eternity.



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