Go, Ye Messengers of Glory 

Go, ye messengers of glory;
Run, ye legates of the skies.
Go and tell the pleasing story
That a glorious angel flies,
Great and mighty, Great and mighty,
With a message from the skies.

Go to ev’ry tribe and nation;
Visit ev’ry land and clime.
Sound to all the proclamation;
Tell to all the truth sublime:
That the gospel, That the gospel
Does in ancient glory shine.

Go, to all the gospel carry;
Let the joyful news abound.
Go till ev’ry nation hear you,
Jew and Gentile greet the sound.
Let the gospel, Let the gospel
Echo all the earth around.

Bearing seed of heav’nly virtue,
Scatter it o’er all the earth.
Go! Jehovah will support you;
Gather all the sheaves of worth.
Then, with Jesus, Then, with Jesus
Reign in glory on the earth.



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