Hail Glad Festival Day

Hail, Glad Festival Day!
Blest Day To Be Hallowed Forever,
Day Wherein Christ Arose,
Breaking The Kingdom Of Death.

Lo, The Fair Beauty Of Earth,
From The Death Of The Winter Arising,
Every Good Gift Of The Year
Now With Its Saviour Returns.

He Who Was Nailed To The Cross
Is God And The Ruler Of All Things;
All Things Created On Earth
Worship The Maker Of All

Mourning They Laid You To Rest,
The Author Of Life And Creation;
Treading The Pathway Of Death,
Life Now Bestowing On All.

God Of All Pity And Power,
Let Your Word Be Assured To The Doubting:
Light On The Third Day Returns;
Rise, Son Of God, From The Tomb!

Christ In His Triumph Ascends,
Who Had Vanquished The Devil’s Dominion;
Bright Is The Woodland With Leaves,
Brilliant The Meadows With Flowers.

Daily The Loveliness Grows,
Adorned With Glory Of Blossom;
Heaven Its Gates Now Unbars,
Flinging Its Increase Of Light.

Jesus, The Health Of The Word,
Enlighten Our Minds, Great Redeemer,
Son Of The Father Supreme,
Only-Begotten Of God!

Praise To The Giver Of Good!
O Lover And Author Of Concord,
Pour Out Your Balm On Our Days;
Order Our Days In Your Peace.

Lo, In The Likeness Of Fire,
On Those Who Await His Appearing,
He Whom The Lord Foretold
Suddenly, Swiftly Descends:

Forth To The Faithful He Comes
With Sevenfold Mystical Offering,
Pouring On All Human Souls
Infinite Riches Of God.

Hark! For In Myriad Tongues
Christ’s Own, His Chosen Apostles,
Preach To The Ends Of The Earth
Christ And His Wonderful Works.

Praise To The Spirit Of Life,
All Praise To The Fount Of Our Being,
Light That Now Lightens All,
Life That In All Now Abides.



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