I Danced In The Morning

I Danced In The Morning
When The World Was Begun,
And I Danced In The Moon
And The Stars And The Sun,
And I Came Down From Heaven
And I Danced On The Earth;
At Bethlehem I Had My Birth.

Dance, Then, Wherever You May Be;
I Am The Lord Of The Dance, Said He,
And I’ll Lead You All, Wherever You May Be,
And I’ll Lead You All In The Dance, Said He.

I Danced For The Scribe
And The Pharisee,
But They Would Not Dance
And They Would Not Follow Me;
I Danced For The Fishermen,
For James And John;
They Came With Me
And The Dance Went On.

I Danced On The Sabbath
And I Cured The Lame;
The Holy People
Said It Was A Shame;
They Whipped And They Stripped
And They Hung Me High,
And They Left Me There
On A Cross To Die.

I Danced On A Friday
When The Sky Turned Black;
It’s Hard To Dance
With The Devil On Your Back;
They Buried My Body
And They Thought I’d Gone,
But I Am The Dance
And I Still Go On.

They Cut Me Down
And I Leap Up High;
I Am The Life
That Will Never, Never Die;
I’ll Live In You
If You’ll Live In Me;
I Am The Lord
Of The Dance, Said He.



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