l’m coming up Lord
And I’m coming up soon
I’m coming up Lord
I wanna hear my name
I wanna hear my name.

If you read it in the Bible
And read it you will
Then you know the story
That I’m about to tell
That I’m about to tell.

You know God told Noah,
To build him an ark
You better build that ark.
Out of gopher wood.
Out of gopher wood

Elijah was walking
One day with a friend
And you know he was taken,
And never seen again,
And never seen again

Brother Paul he wore,
Many links of chain
And you know every link.
Was in my Jesus name,
Was in my Jesus name.

There was one for the Father,
There was one for the Son,
There was one for the Holy Ghost
I know they all make one,
I know they all make one.



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