I Will Exalt My God And King

I Will Exalt My God And King,
And I Will Ever Praise Your Name.
I Will Extol You Every Day
And Evermore Your Praise Proclaim.
You, Lord, Are Greatly To Be Praised;
Your Greatness Is Beyond All Thought.
From Age To Age Your People Tell
The Mighty Wonders You Have Wrought.

On Your Most Glorious Majesty
And On Your Deeds My Mind Will Dwell.
Your Deeds Will Fill The World With Awe,
And All Your Greatness I Will Tell.
Your Matchless Goodness And Your Grace
Your People Will Commemorate;
And All Your Truth And Righteousness
Our Joyful Song Will Celebrate.

The Lord Our God Is Rich In Grace,
Tender To Us, Compassionate.
His Anger Is Most Slow To Rise;
His Love And Kindness Are Most Great.
The Lord Is Good In All His Ways;
His Creatures Know His Constant Care.
To All His Works His Love Extends;
All Creatures In His Mercies Share.

All You Have Made Will Praise You, Lord;
Your Mighty Acts Your Saints Will Show,
Till All The Peoples On The Earth
The Splendor Of Your Kingdom Know.
Eternal Is Your Kingdom, Lord,
Forever Strong And Ever Sure;
While Generations Rise And Die,
Your Glorious Reign Will Still Endure.

The Lord Is Faithful To His Word;
He Will Extend His Gracious Hand.
The Lord Upholds The Faltering Feet
And Makes The Weak Securely Stand.
The Eyes Of All Look Up To You
For Food And Drink, Which You Supply;
Your Open Hand Is Bountiful,
And Every Need You Satisfy.

The Lord Is Just In All His Ways;
In All His Works The Lord Is Kind,
And All Who Call On Him In Truth
In Him A Present Helper Finds.
He Will Fulfill The Heart’s Desire
Of Those Who Fear Him And Obey.
The Lord Will Surely Hear Their Cry,
Will Save Them When To Him They Pray.

The Lord In Grace Preserves His Saints,
Redeeming Those Who Love His Name.
The Wicked He Will Overthrow
And Put His Enemies To Shame.
My Mouth Will Sing The Glorious Praise
Of God, Whom Earth And Heaven Adore.
Let Every Creature Praise His Name
Forever And Forevermore!



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