I Will Sing Of Jesus’ Love

I will sing(I will sing)of Jesus’ love,
Sing of him(sing of him)who first loved me;
For he left(for he left)bright worlds above,
And died on Calvary.

I will sing(I will sing) of Jesus’ love,
Endless praise(endless praise)
My heart shall give,
He has died(he has died)
that I might live;
I will sing his love to me.

Ere a tear(ere a tear)had dimed mine eyes,
Jesus’ tears(Jesus tears) for me did flow;
Ere my first(ere my first) faint prayer could rise,
He had prayed in tones of woe.

O the depths(o the depths) of love divine!
Earth or heav’n(earth or heav’n) can never know;
How that sins(how that sins) as dark as mine,
Can be made as white as know.

Nothing good(nothing good) for him I’ve done;
How could he(how could he) such love bestow?
Lord I own(Lord I own) my heart is won,
Help me now mylove to show.



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