Look Away To Jesus Lyrics


Verse 1 Look away to Jesus, soul by woe oppressed; ’Twas for thee He suffered: come to Him and rest; All thy griefs He carried, all thy sins He bore; Look away to Jesus: trust Him evermore. Look away to Jesus, soldier in the fight; When the battle thickens, keep thine armor bright; Though thy foes be many, though thy strength be small, Look away to Jesus; He shall conquer all. Look away to Jesus, when the skies are fair; Calm seas have their dangers; mariner, beware! Earthly joys are fleeting, going as they came, Look away to Jesus, evermore the same. Look away to Jesus, ’mid the toil and heat; Soon will come the resting at the Master’s feet; For the guests are bidden, and the feast is spread; Look away to Jesus, in His footsteps tread. When, amid the music of the endless feast, Saints will sing His praises, thine shall not be least; Then, amid the glories of the crystal sea, Look away to Jesus, through eternity.



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