Lord We Thank Thee

Lord, We Thank Thee For The Pleasure
That Our Happy Lifetime Gives,
For The Boundless Worth And Treasure
Of A Soul That Ever Lives;
Mind That Looks Before And After,
Lifting Eyes To Things Above;
Human Tears, And Human Laughter,
And The Depths Of Human Love.

For The Thrill, The Leap, The Gladness
Of Our Pulses Flowing Free;
E’en For Every Touch Of Sadness
That May Bring Us Nearer Thee;
But, Above All Other Kindness,
Thine Unutterable Love,
Which, To Heal Our Sin And Blindness,
Sent Thy Dear Son From Above.

Teach Us So Our Days To Number
That We May Be Early Wise;
Dreamy Mist, Or Cloud, Or Slumber,
Never Dull Our Heavenward Eyes.
Hearty Be Our Work And Willing,
As To Thee, And Not To Men;
For We Know Our Soul’s Fulfilling
Is In Heaven, And Not Until Then.



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