Love Covers All Lyrics & Chords


Verse 1 (D)Who am I to stand in judgement (Bm)As if (G)I had ne(A#)ver sinned (Bm)For if I (D)had to list my (G)failures I (Em)wouldn’t know where to be(A#)gin Verse 2 (D)Who am I to not forgive you (Bm)The way that (G)God’s forgi(A#)ven me (Bm)If it (D)wasn’t for com(G)passion (C)I don’t (Gm)know where I would (A#)be Chorus (D)Love (F#)covers (Bm)all. (G)Love (E)covers (A#)all (Bm)We all (A#)fail. (F#)We all (Bm)fall, but (G)love (A#)covers (D)all Verse 3 Who are we to still remember Things that once caused such regret Knowing what He has forgiven He has chosen to forget Verse 4 There is no more condemnation For the ones who dwell in Him And His grace is still sufficient To remind us once again Chorus Love covers all. Love covers all We all fail. We all fall, but love covers all.



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