Making Me Stronger Lyrics & Chords


Verse 1 (Eb)This trial is the hardest I’ve ever walked thru before And some (Ab)days I feel I can’t (Fm)take anymore But I (B)know you won’t allow more (Cm)than I can take For these (Fm)trials only (Eb)come to (Ab)strengthen my (B)faith Chorus You’re (Eb)making me stronger than (Ab)I’ve ever (Fm)been Though I’m (B)walking thru the fire you’re (Fm)holding to my (B)hand Though right now it seems I just (Ab)can’t last much (F)longer (Fm)I know You love (Eb)me and I know (Fm)you’re (B)making me (Eb)stronger Verse 2 I wouldn’t be here in this valley if the choice had been mine But anything that keeps me praying is a blessing you’ve designed I can see you so much clearer when you bring to my knees Lord, this is what you’re doing way down inside of me Chorus You’re making me stronger than I’ve ever been Though I’m walking thru the fire you’re holding to my hand Though right now it seems I just can’t last much longer I know you’re making me stronger



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