Members Of Christ Are We

Members of Christ are we;
He is our living Head.
That henceforth we should ever be
By His good Spirit led
In the same narrow path
Our Lord and Savior trod—
The path that leadeth by the cross
To glory and to God.

Children of God are we;
Such grace to us is given,
To kneel and pray in Christ’s own words,
“Father, Which art in Heav’n”;
Seeking to do His will
As angels do above,
And walking in obedient ways
Of holy truth and love.

Of Heaven’s kingdom we
Inheritors were made;
Each at the font in Christ’s own robe
Of spotless white arrayed.
Upon our forehead now
Is traced the suffering sign,
That one day on each saintly brow
A glorious crown may shine.

Christ’s little ones are we;
And unto us are given
Angelic guards, who ever see
Our Father’s face in Heav’n.
To walk in folly now
We may not, must not, dare,
Mindful Whose seal is on our brow,
Whose holy Name we bear.



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