Mended Lyrics & Chords


How many times can one heart break? It was never supposed to be this way Look in the mirror, but you find someone You never thought you'd be Oh, but I can still recognize The one I love in your tear stained eyes I know you might not see it now So lift your eyes to me When you see broken beyond repair I see healing beyond belief When you see too far gone I see one step away from home You see nothing but damaged goods I see something good in the making I'm not finished yet When you see wounded, I see mended You see your worst mistake But I see the price I paid There's nothing you could ever do To lose what grace has won So hold on, it's not the end This is where love's work begins I'm making all things new And I will make a miracle of you I see my child, My beloved The new creation you're becoming You see the scars from when you fell But I see the stories they will tell You see worthless, but I see priceless You see pain, but I see a purpose You see unworthy, undeserving But I see you through eyes of mercy



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