My God I Love Thee

My God, I Love Thee; Not Because
I Hope For Heaven Thereby,
Nor Yet Because Who Love Thee Not
Are Lost Eternally.

Thou, O My Jesus, Thou Didst Me
Upon The Cross Embrace;
For Me Didst Bear The Nails And Spear,
And Manifold Disgrace.

And Grieves And Torments Numberless,
And Sweat Of Agony;
Yea, Death Itself — And All For Me
Who Was Thine Enemy.

Then Why, O Blessed Jesu Christ,
Should I Not Love Thee Well?
Not For The Sake Of Winning Heaven,
Nor Of Escaping Hell.

Not From The Hope Of Gaining Aught,
Not Seeking A Reward;
But As Thyself Hast Loved Me,
O Ever-Loving Lord.

So Would I Love Thee, Dearest Lord,
And In Thy Praise Will Sing;
Solely Because Thou Art My God,
And My Most Loving King.



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