My Sins Are Gone Lyrics & Chords


You ask why I am happy so I'll just tell you why,
Because my sins are gone;
And when I meet the scoffers who ask me where they are,
I say, "My sins are gone."

They're underneath the blood on the cross of Calvary,
As far removed as darkness is from dawn;
In the sea of God's forgetfulness, that's good enough for me,
Praise God, my sins are gone."

Twas at the old-time altar where God came in my heart
And now, my sins are gone;
The Lord took full possession, the devil did depart,
I'm glad my sins are gone.

When Satan comes to tempt me and tries to make me doubt,
I say, "My sins are gone;
You got me into trouble but Jesus got me out,
I'm glad my sins are gone."

I'm living now for Jesus I'm happy night and day,
Because my sins are gone;
My soul is filled with music, with all my heart I say,
"I know my sins are gone."



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