O Give Thanks To Him Who Made

O Give Thanks To Him Who Made
Morning Light And Evening Shade;
Source And Giver Of All Good,
Nightly Sleep And Daily Food;
Quicken Of Our Wearied Powers,
Guard Of Our Unconscious Hours.

O Give Thanks To Nature’s King,
Who Made Every Breathing Thing;
His, Our Warm And Sentient Frame,
His, The Mind’s Immortal Flame.
O How Close The Ties That Bind
Spirits To The Eternal Mind!

O Give Thanks With Heart And Lip,
For We Are His Workmanship;
And All Creatures Are His Care:
Not A Bird That Cleaves The Air
Falls Unnoticed; But Who Can
Speak The Father’s Love To Man?

O Give Thanks To Him Who Came
In A Mortal, Suffering Frame
Temple Of The Deity
Came For Rebel Man To Die;
In The Path Himself Hath Trod
Leading Back His Saints To God.



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