O Thank The Lord The Lord Of Love

O Thank The Lord, The Lord Of Love;
O Thank The God All Gods Above;
O Thank The Mighty King Of Kings,
Whose Arm Hath Done Such Wondrous Things.

King Of Kings Forever And Ever;
Lord Of Lords, Forever And Ever,
King Of Kings Forever And Ever;
King Of Kings And Lord Of Lords!

Give Thanks To God, For Good Is He,
Thanks To The God Of Gods Give Ye;
Thanks Give The Lord Of Lords Unto,
Who Only Wonders Great Can Do.

Who Thought On Us Amidst Our Woes,
And Rescued Us From All Our Foes;
Who Daily Feeds Each Living Thing;
O Thank The Heaven’s Almighty King.

O Praise The Lord, For He Is Kind,
Give Thanks To Him With Heart And Mind;
His Mercy Flows An Endless Stream,
To All Eternity The Same.



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