On My Knees Lyrics


The time has come Divine Revelation within God's Word Is grace I see? When I see how He has chosen me And that happens everyday When I began to pray It burns within my heart The things You always say He revealeth unto me What I was born to be in this day So I'm staying... On my knees Patiently waiting on my knees For Your outpouring on my knees Oh Lord, we need You on my knees I believe, I was born on predestinated seed Amazing grace, He has chosen me to run this race And I will give my life to Him Protected without sin I can't do this on my own Lord, put flesh on these dry bones If it takes this life to give Then for You I will live I need You, Lord And when You come, You will meet me... On my knees I'm in anticipation on my knees I'm waiting for You Jesus, on my knees I am an empty vessel, on my knees I've read the scriptures in the Bible About the mighty Gentile warriors The painful desire of Hannah And the fearless move of Esther Lord, I believe that they were true And the token they received But what about me... I know my battles are all won That's why I sing my song I know blessings are all mine But it will just take time So like Elisha here I stand When faith is such away To know You come... And when You come You'll meet me... On my knees In consecration, on my knees I'm on the trashing floor, on my knees Oh Lord, I need you on my knees I'm waiting patiently, on my knees I need the Holy Spirit, on my knees When You come You will meet me, on my knees Lord I'm not moving on my knees Lord right here Im' staying on my knees Lord it is important to me on my knees When You come You will meet me on my knees I want the Holy Spirit on my knees...



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