One Day Lyrics & Chords


Verse 1 One Day I will leave this body and I will get a perfect one That day I will see His glory shining like the noonday sun One day, I'll take a walk with Jesus He might explain the mysteries of life Some say, I just can't believe it but I know that one day Pre-Chorus We will gather at the Crystal Throne All these years: we1re finally home I can actually see His face And all I can do is say, Chorus Holy, Holy is the Lord Almighty, Who was and is and is to come We lay our crowns before You Every heart and soul: adore You: The God of gods, Almighty One Verse 2 One Day, death will be abolished And sin will have its mastery no more And I know that we will be astonished At all that our Creator has in store One day we will meet our Savior And He will give each one of us a stone Engraved with our names upon it: known by God alone



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