Palms Of Victory Lyrics & Chords


I saw a wayward traveler in tattered garments clad And struggling up the mountain it seemed that he was sad His back was laden heavy his strength was almost gone It shouted as he traveled deliverance has come Then palms of victory crowns of glory Palms of victory I shall wear I saw him in the evening the sun was sinking low It'd overcome the mountain and reached the vale below He saw that golden city his ever lasting home And shouted loud Hosanna deliverance has come While gazing on that city just o'er that narrow flood A band of holy angels came from the throne of God They bore him on their pinions they bore the dashing foam And joined him in his triumph deliverance has come It seems I hear the angels around the throne so grand They're shouting glad Hosanna we reached the promise land When we have reached that city our race on earth we've run We'll all shout loud Hosanna deliverance has come



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