Pity the Man Lyrics & Chords


I guess we should pity those in this world, Who must use the earth for a bed. And I guess we should pity the man who must toil, From dawn to dusk for his bread. But these can be rich if they have contentment, And share in God's salvation plan. So if you know any who though they have plenty, Are lost, then pity the man. Pity the man who has treasures to hold. And holds not the pearl of great price, Pity the man though he lives long earth, Yet he knows not the Giver of life. Be he doctor, or lawyer, traveler, or merchant, Or builder who builds on the sand. Pauper or king to be saved id the thing, If he's lost then pity the man. I guess there are those who pity the saved, As though we were missing life's best. Oh, there forgetting the treasures of earth pass away, And that heaven is the place to invest. Oh their mean while esteeming, the man who is scheming. To hold all the wealth that he can. But if while he's living, to God he's not giving His soul, then pity the man.



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