Power In Prayer Lyrics and chords


Old Daniel bowed his head and he prayed No answer came for twenty one days He felt like God had not heard his servants prayer But an angel was sent from God that same day But the prince of darkness stood in his way The angel overthrew him I can hear daniel say There's power in prayer There's power in prayer if you'll believe He's standing right there for you to receive For the problems you face He's all that you need There's power in prayer He's the God that can't fail when friends let you down So cast all your cares on Him cause I've found He can take the heartache and turn it around There's power in prayer Now I've prayed and prayed but no answer came My days turned to weeks my grief turned to pain And i've cried oh lord it seems you haven't heard my prayer But God said "I heard the first time you called, but satan tried to block your answer and stall. Reinforcements have been made, satan had to withdraw, There's power in prayer"



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