Praise The Lord Ye Heavens

Praise The Lord, Ye Heavens, Adore Him!
Praise Him, Angels, In The Height;
Sun And Moon, Rejoice Before Him,
Praise Him, All Ye Stars And Light.
Praise The Lord, For He Hath Spoken;
Worlds His Mighty Voice Obeyed:
Laws, Which Never Shall Be Broken,
For Their Guidance He Hath Made.

Praise The Lord, For He Is Glorious;
Never Shall His Promise Fail.
God Hath Made His Saints Victorious;
Sin And Death Shall Not Prevail.
Praise The God Of Our Salvation,
Hosts On High, His Power Proclaim;
Heaven And Earth And All Creation,
Laud And Magnify His Name!

Worship, Honour, Glory, Blessing,
Lord, We Offer To Thy Name;
Young And Old, Thy Praise Expressing,
Join Their Savior To Proclaim.
As The Saints In Heaven Adore Thee,
We Would Bow Before Thy Throne;
As Thine Angels Serve Before Thee,
So On Earth Thy Will Be Done.



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