Purple Robe Lyrics & Chords


There's a story so unkind in the Holy book we find And it tells how Jesus stood alone one day False accused and there condemned yet they found no fault with Him The man who wore the scarlet purple robe Purple robe my Savior wore oh the shame for me he bore As He stood alone, forsaken on that day And they placed upon His head piercing thorns and blood stained red His raiment was a scarlet purple robe In the common judgment hall he was mocked and scorned by all And a tear of sorrow fell upon His cheek Soldiers of the wicked man smote Him with their evil hand The Man who wore the scarlet purple robe Words of truth that day were plain from the lips of Pilot came In this man I find no reason He should die But the multitudes replied let Him now be crucified The man who wore the scarlet purple robe



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