Roses Will Bloom Again Lyrics & Chords


I planted a little rose bush, I tended it with care, It's buds began to blossom Their fragrance filled the air But when winter came it withered, The petals drooped and fell to the ground, My heart sank as it faded, But I'd forgotten who had made it. He said, Roses will bloom again, Just wait and see Don't mourn what might have been Only God knows how and when that Roses will bloom again. Rose was his only sweetheart, A loving wife for forty years. Cherished every day they had, And held memories oh so dear He never dreamed he's bore love And go to live alone, But he lay his Rose to rest, Looked up to heaven and tried his best To believe that The precious Rose of Sharon, Broken and bruised in cruel shame, Stained on the cross of Calvary, So that men might be saved, Oh, Satan cheered as He died, While Mary and the others cried, Then God raised Him up from that sleep And kept a promise only He could keep.



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