Seeking The Lost

Seeking the lost yes, kindly entreating,
Wonderers on the mountains astray;
“Come unto me,” the message repeating,
Words of the Master speaking today.

Going afar……upon the mountain……….
(Going afar) (upon the mountain)
Bringing the wan……d’rers back again…..
(Bringing the wand’rers, the wand’rers back again.)
Into the fold… of my Redeemer,…
(Into the fold of my Redeemer)
Jesus the Lamb……… For sinners slain.
(Jesus the Lamb, the Lamb for sinners slain.)

Seeking the lost, and pointing to Jesus,
Soul that are weak and hearts that are sore
Leading them forth in ways of salvation,
Showing the path to life evermore.

Thus would I go, for Jesus hath called me,
Him would I follow day unto day;
Care for the dying, raise up the fallen,
Pointing the lost to Jesus the way.



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