Sing To God New Songs

Sing To God New Songs Of Worship
All His Deeds Are Marvellous;
He Has Brought Salvation To Us
With His Hand And Holy Arm:
He Has Shown To All The Nations
Righteousness And Saving Power;
He Recalled His Truth And Mercy
To His People Israel.

Sing To God New Songs Of Worship
Earth Has Seen His Victory;
Let The Lands Of Earth Be Joyful
Praising Him With Thankfulness:
Sound Upon The Harp His Praises,
Play To Him With Melody;
Let The Trumpets Sound His Triumph,
Show Your Joy To God The King!

Sing To God New Songs Of Worship
Let The Sea Now Make A Noise;
All On Earth And In The Waters
Sound Your Praises To The Lord:
Let The Hills Rejoice Together,
Let The Rivers Clap Their Hands,
For With Righteousness And Justice
He Will Come To Judge The Earth.



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