Something For Jesus

Saviour! Thy dying love, Thou gavest me,
Nor shall I aught withhold, Dear lord, from Thee;
In love my soul would bow,
My heart fulfill its vow,
Some offering bring Thee now,
Something for Thee

At the blest mercy seat, Pleading for me,
My feeble faith looks up, Jesus to Thee;
Help me the cross to bear,
Thy wondrous love declare,
Some song to raise or prayer,
Something for Thee.

Give me a faithful heart, Likeness to Thee,
That each departing day, henceforth may see;
Some work of love begun,
Some deed of kindness done,
Some wand’rer sought and won,
Something for Thee.

All that I am and have, Thy gifts so free,
In joy, in grief, through life, Dear Lord for Thee;
And when Thy face I see,
My ransomed and shall be,
Through all eternity, Something for Thee.



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