Such Perfect Love My Shepherd

Such Perfect Love My Shepherd Shows,
Whose Goodness Fails Me Never,
Whose Hand All Things I Need Bestows
And Watches Me Forever.

Where Streams Of Living Water Flow,
My Loving Shepherd Leads Me,
And Where The Verdant Pastures Grow,
With Food From Heaven Feeds Me.

When Vain And Foolish Oft I Strayed,
You, Faithful Shepherd, Sought Me,
And On Your Shoulder Gently Laid,
Then Home Rejoicing Brought Me.

I Do Not Fear Death’s Shadowed Vale
When You Are Here Beside Me;
Your Rod And Staff And Strength Prevail
To Comfort And To Guide Me.

You Spread A Table In My Sight,
Your Gifts Of Grace Bestowing;
And From Your Chalice I Delight
To Taste Your Mercy Flowing.

And So Through All The Length Of Days,
Your Goodness Fails Me Never;
Good Shepherd, May I Sing Your Praise
Within Your House Forever.



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