The King Of Love My Shepherd Is

The King Of Love My Shepherd Is,
Whose Goodness Failed Never;
I Nothing Lack If I Am His.
And He Is Mine Forever.

Where Streams Of Living Water Flow,
My Ransomed Soul He Leaded,
And Where The Verdant Pastures Grow,
With Food Celestial Feuded.

Perverse And Foolish Oft I Strayed,
But Yet In Love He Sought Me
And On His Shoulder Gently Laid
And Home, Rejoicing, Brought Me.

In Death’s Dark Vale I Fear No Ill,
With Thee, Dear Lord, Beside Me;
Thy Rod And Staff My Comfort Still,
Thy Cross Before To Guide Me.

Thou Spread’s A Table In My Sight,
Thy Unction Grace Bestowed;
And O What Transport Of Delight
From Thy Pure Chalice Flowed!

And So Through All The Length Of Days
Thy Goodness Failed Never.
Good Shepherd, May I Sing Thy Praise
Within Thy House Forever.



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