They Did Not Build In Vain

They Did Not Build In Vain Who Founded Here A Church
As Witness To God’s Love Amid A World Of Pain;
They Built Upon The Rock That Is The Risen Christ,
The One Foundation Laid, That Stands Each Earthly Shock.

Those Who Have Loved This Place, A Cloud Of Witnesses,
Surround And Urge Us On As We Now Run Our Race;
Though The Horizon’s Bend Conceals The Way Ahead,
The Footprints On The Road Show Christ Waits At The End;

In Every Place Our World Is Storm And Tempest Tossed,
The Flames Of Fear And Hate Are Evil’s Flags Unfurled;
Yet Still The Spirit’s Power In Wind And Fire Of Love
Pours Gifts Upon The Church For Service In This Hour.

Here Is Our Meeting Place Where Doubt Finds Grounds Of Faith,
Where Hurt Finds Healing Love, Our Penitence Your Grace;
Where God In Trinity Is Bridge From Death To Life,
From Sin To Holiness, Time To Eternity.



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