A Prayer Warrior’s Heart Lyrics & Chords


Verse 1I've fought the good fight of faith In the Lord's service for a long time I've walked through deep valleys- There's been high mountains I've had to climb I've helped the wayfaring stranger, Tried to be a light in this world that's so dark But now that it seems that I've lost my way Lord, lay me on some prayer warriors heart. Chorus Lord, lay me on some prayer warriors heart And lead them to an altar to pray for me In the heat of the battle I've just grown weary And Lord you know just what I need Tell them there's a soldier of yours that is wounded And his soul is being torn apart Through the prayers of the saints I'll find the strength If you'll lay me on some prayer warriors heart. Verse 2 Your prayer warriors know how to pray And intercede to God for me I know they've been right where I am and today And we're asking you for the same strength. From somewhere I hear a voice calling my name And I see a light in the dark I feel my faith soaring and I'm on my way God bless your old prayer warriors heart. Bridge When the church comes together to pray for one another Would you have them to pray for me They may not know my name But their prayers can sustain me for eternity



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