In His Time

It's a  fire spreading,  as it moves
It's a  glacier; it's the  flu
It's your  eyes  concrete miles
It's your  conscience and your lawyer's smile
It's an  country  at the mouth
No  gun, no  cloud
It's a  mother with a boy in hell
And it's a flag-draped  down an oil well
It's an  school-girl  and bound
It's a  camp; it's a long way down
It's the  bracing  of now
And it's the  damn  turned  out, alright
It's a  to  with your god in step
It's his name in your mouth; it's his  on your neck
It's a farm boy  over  dirt
And he's  the 'Our Father' in  spurts
Now that's his  rifle and it  no lies
It's his  in your stomach, it's no alibi
But the  lies on the  side
With an  truth  for his holy night
He sees the  and the star  in the  sky
And  the call of milk and  from the afterlife
And as he  to the checkpoint, he is calm and sure
It's  damage; it's the cost of war
It's  bag of  for the Gods to sort
It's just  bag of  for the Gods to sort

Well it's a  disappearing, all the  fly south
In a  heatwave, in a  crowd
It's an  Militia, kids with sub-machines
It's a  diamond on your bride-to-be
It's the  lining up at  gate
It's the  worth facing,  way too late
It's the  of modernity, go get what's yours
Til there's  leftover to go get no more
And it's not what we're owed, but it's what we've earned
And it's  than we realize, and it's time now to burn
And oh it's time now to burn
And oh it's time now to burn
And oh it's time now to burn, to burn



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