Jesus Got A Hold Of My Life Lyrics & Chords


Sometimes I remember how I used to be livin' in sin; I tried to act happy and free but I wasn't within; I fooled a lot of friends of mine, They tho't I had some peace of mind, But I never had a thing until I opened up and let Jesus in! Jesus got a hold of my life and he wont let me go well Jesus got into my heart he got into my soul I used to be oh so sad now i'm just free and glad Jesus got a hold of my life and wont let me go Aren't you getting' just a bit tired of foolin' around? You try to laugh your way thro' life but you're not gainin' ground; Why not try the Lord today, Just ask Him in your heart to stay, And you'll find Jesus' love to be the greatest thing that you've ever found!



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