Jesus Is Lord Lyrics


There are so many people who have walked this earth, thinking that they know the truth. So they often criticize the way I believe and they say, “tell me where is your proof”? I tell them Jesus was (wounded) for my transgressions (transgressions) and He was bruised (bruised) for my inquities (inquities). They're gonna know that's true, they're gonna know that's true, they've got to know that it's the truth, they've got to know that it's the truth, that... Jesus, (He was sent from the Father), Jesus, (He's a great Messiah). Jesus, (He's bread for the hungry), Jesus, (He's water for the thirsty). Jesus, (He's hope for the hopeless). Jesus, (He arose from the dead), Jesus, (just like He said). Every knee shall bow, every tounge confess that Jesus is Lord, that Jesus is Lord. He walked upon the water and this same Jesus calmed the raging sea. He healed a man that was lame one day, and from sinking sand, He lifted me.



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