Just A Little While To Stay Here Lyrics & Chords


Soon this life will all be over And our pilgrimage will end Soon we'll take our heavenly ourney Be at home with Christ our friends Heaven's gates are standing open Waiting for our entrance there Some sweet day we're going over All the beauties there to share Just a little while to stay here (stay here) Just a little while to wait (to wait) Just a little while to labor (labor) In the path that's always straight (that's always straight and narrow) Just a little more of trouble (trouble) In this low and sinful state (sinful state) Then we'll enter heaven's portals Sweeping through the pearly gates (pearly gates) Soon we'll meet all the redeemed ones And we'll take them by the hand Soon we'll press into our bosom Over in the promised land Then we'll be at home forever Through out all eternity What a blessed, blessed morning That eternal morn will be



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