Just Ask Lyrics & Chords


Verse 1 (Eb)Alone in the (B7)darkeness you're (Eb)wandering Is (Ab)Jesus still (B7)listening to (Eb)me Is (Ab)He truly (B)aware of (Eb)my suffe(Cm)ring And is (Fm)this the way it always (B)will be (Eb)My friend I (Fm)know the answer (Eb)to your question But don't trust (Gm)my opinion (Ab)alone You should ask the host of (B7)others (Ab)Sisters and (Eb)brothers who've (B7)been there and there (Eb)stories live on Chorus (Eb)Just ask the (Ab)women at the well The (Eb)thief on the cross The (B)lame man who's walking But (Eb)don't tell tell it all Ask the (Ab)beggers and lepers who've been (Eb)touched (Fm)by his (Ab)hand Can he (Eb)handle an impos(Fm)si(Eb)ble (Ab)task (Fm)They'll know the (B)answer just (Eb)ask Verse 2 I too have stood in the darkness Not wanting to walk one more mile My mind filled with unanswered questions Hiding tears behind every smile But then I draw strength from those pilgrams The ones who were the first to believe When their faith reached out to touch Him His arms reached back to help them And He's able to do the same for you and me Chorus Just ask the women at the well The thief on the cross The lame man who's walking But don't tell tell it all Ask the beggers and lepers who've been touched by his hand Can he handle an impossible task They'll know the answer just ask



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