Just Like You Lord Lyrics


Take this body that You made for me, I give it Lord, to Thee. Take my heart, come and change the old parts, come in to set me free. My eyes to see where You may lead, Lord, these old ears to hear reproof. Just take this willing vessel, Lord, and make it just like You. Just like You, Lord, just like You I long to be. To stand alone if You say, "Stand," for all You stood for me. To be a beacon in a dark night, always shine a Godly light. This piece of clay can be made new to stand up just like You. The potter spins the old potter's wheel, and he mends the broken ones. The weaver watches close his looms for tiny threads that come undone. But the Master of our master plan, well, He can make a body new, He can mend the broken thread that's loose; He can make You just like new.



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