Lazarus And The Rich Man Lyrics & Chords


well a rich man one day heard a poor man beggin just crumbs from your table is all that I need but the rich man said no never showing compassion and Lazarus was broken as he lay on the street and your treasures on earth won't buy you your soul when your life is over tell me where can you go when your name is called will you pass through that gate or will you be like the rich man when it all fades away well both men did die so the bible does say and oh what a change on that judgement day for the rich man in flames did raise up his eyes and Lazarus in glorie would now live his life now the rich man he begged from the fire pits of hell oh please just send Lasarus to my brothers and tell that they may not come here in this torment of flames I thought I was rich now I own not a thing



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