Leaving On My Mind Lyrics & Chords


The old house I’m living in is needing repair The windows and the shutters are lettin’ in cold, cold air I say to myself, I'll fix ‘em, when I can get the time But all I’m getting lately, is leavin’ on my mind. Lately all I’ve got is leavin’ on my mind Seems that’s all I’m thinking’ ‘bout most of the time But soon and very soon, I’ll leave my troubles far behind Lately I’ve got leavin’ , leavin’ on my mind So I guess I should be lookin’ for a better place to live But I can’t seem to get excited about the world, and what it can give I couldn’t care less if I could buy it all with one solitary dime For what good would a world do me with leavin’ on my mind.



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