Masterpiece Of Mercy Lyrics


He knew what I was when He made me He saw the sinner I’d become Yet He knew He had grace that could save me His latest work of art had just begun A masterpiece of mercy; a miracle of grace When the master sees one hurting and wipes the pain away The canvas of the artist becomes a holy place For a masterpiece of mercy; a miracle of grace He started with an old dirty canvas My sin had left me tattered, bent, and marred Then this artist turned His light upon my sadness And began to wash away the blackest part When all the stains were gone He started painting With colors that I’d never seen before Then with joy He was ready to display me To show the world what the Cross was for Now I’m getting ready for Heaven Every day just makes me want to go But the artist hasn’t stopped; He’s still painting And when He’s finished, He will take me Home.



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