My Emmanuel (You Are With Me) Lyrics


Verse 1 Lord, I'm always in your presence I cannot run from your love. You're behind me and before me, underneath and up above. The darkness and the light are both the same to You. I couldn't hide from Your spirit, even if I wanted to. Chorus My Emmanuel, You are with me. Oh, Emmanuel, there's nowhere You won't be. If I take the wings of the morning or fall into the deepest sea, Even there, even there, You are with me. Verse 2 If I ascend up to heaven Or make my bed below. I know Your hand will hold me Wherever I may go. Before I was formed, You already knew my days. Lord, I have no secrets, You know every path I take. Bridge How precious are Your thoughts Oh, God, they're always of me. More in number than the sand,



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