My Religion’s Not Old Fashioned Lyrics & Chords


There is but one real religion that redeems a sinners soul It's as timeless as the ages and it never will grow old My Lord Jesus, he's the power.I am the way, the truth, the life and the way has never changed since he spoke the words out loud. My religion's not old fashioned but it's real genuine, two and two make four today as it did in my Lord's time. modern days wont make a difference that you can't follow through the time, My religion's not old fashioned but it's real genuine. In this world of wild confusion, we are often led astray. When we hear the word 'old fashioned' as men speak of God to-day. My Lord doesn't deal in fashion, He's more timeless than the seas and Hjs words still hold the power as they did in Gallilee.



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