Nothing Here To Hinder Me Lyrics & Chords


One Day I heard a voice saying, make me your choice.
I'll take away your every sin, and set you free.
So I came to Him that day and Hetook my sins away
Now I don'twant nothing here to hinder me.

I don't want nothing here to hinder me.
for someday His blessed face I long to see.
It makes no diffrence what the cost or how heavy my cross
I don't want nothing here to hinder me.

Many times I'm tossed about, many times I do without.
Many times my heart is burdened down with care,
but if I'll stand true, that someday He'll se me thru,
If I want let nothing here hinder me.

Someday when I get home, where I never more shall roam,
with my Saviour and my loved ones I will be.
When I lay this old cross down and receive a shining crown
I'm so glad that nothing here, hindered me.



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