On Fire Lyrics & Chords


Remember when you couldn't wait To show up early and find your place ‘Cause you didn't want to miss a thing And your heart was open, ready for change Oh, those days You were never afraid to sing Never afraid to lift your hands Didn't care what people would think You were on fire And church was more than a place And people were more than faces And Jesus was more than a name Remember when you weren't ashamed To tell your friends about your faith A time when you felt the pain Of just one lost soul that was slipping away Your heart was soft You had radiant eyes But slowly the pressures and burdens of life Pulled you into the dark of the night Oh, when did you lose your sight Turn your eyes Turn your eyes And don't forget what it was like Set me on fire Set me on fire I want to hold God's people close Want to feel the power of Jesus' name Set me on fire Set me on fire



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